Buying A Halogen Oven?

Would you like an oven that doesn’t need preheating, cooks food in almost half the time and is as adept at roasting as it is at grilling, baking, frying and even defrosting?
Would you like an oven that uses less energy and so is kinder to the environment and also saves you money?
Would you like an oven that cooks food quickly and evenly without hot or cold spots and without leaving your food soggy?
And would you like an oven that does all this and then cleans itself?
If so, and who wouldn’t want all this, a halogen oven is definitely for you!

How does the Halogen Oven work?

Halogen ovens are simple yet very effective.

halogen oven cooking process
Halogen ovens differ from conventional ovens in that they use a powerful halogen light to heat food rather than alloy elements that require time and energy to heat to the required temperature. These halogen light bulbs heat up very quickly and produce intense infrared heat waves that are then circulated around the oven by a high performance fan.

The rest of the oven consists of nothing more than a tempered glass bowl, which allows you to see the food cooking at a glance so you can cook it exactly how you like it! This ingenious design also incorporates a metal shelf for multi-level cooking so you really can use it to cook for the entire family!
And that’s all there is to it, the ingenuity of the halogen oven really is in it’s simplicity.

Read on to find out more about halogen oven cookers and the advantages of cooking with halogen lights, as well as some halogen oven recipes and where to find the best halogen ovens.

The Halogen oven can cook basically everything

From roasting to toasting, halogen ovens can do it all

Don’t be fooled by the startlingly simple design, halogen ovens are amazingly versatile and can match anything a conventional oven can cook.
So whether you’re roasting meat, frying chips, boiling eggs, baking pizza, grilling bacon, steaming vegetables or even toasting bread, these little ovens can do it all.

But the best thing is that when you’re done, the halogen oven will actually clean itself!

One of the best kept secrets about halogen ovens is that they also have a built in cleaning system – so you can dispense with the wire wool, abrasives and elbow greas

Halogen features

All you need for fast, healthy cooking

Whether you’re cooking for one or for an entire family you want to cook a meal that is both tasty and nutritious – and halogen ovens come up trumps on both counts.
When cooking with a halogen oven there is often no need to add unhealthy fats or oils to food and, because they are so versatile, you can cook a wide range of delicious and nutritious meals for all the family, whatever their preference.

The halogen light bulb and high performance fan means that food is cooked evenly and the tempered glass bowl allows you to see your food cooking so you can cook it to your required taste.

All of which contributes to stress-free cooking!

The clear glass bowl also means that you can check on food without having to constantly keep opening and closing the oven, which means that you don’t lose heat and use more energy through opening and closing the oven door as with a conventiional cooker.

The cookers also have easy-to-use timer and temperature controls that allow precision control of cooking and also enable food to be thoroughly defrosted before cooking.
Another great feature of the ovens are their durability. The halogen bulbs are designed to last for several years and replacement bulbs are readily available should in the unlikely event of a malfunction.

And, if that’s not enough, halogen oven also have built in wash functions for easy and effective self cleaning.

Halogen ovens save both time and money and their size means that they can easily be stored away in a cupboard when not in use so they save on space too.
Once you have tried a halogen oven it will change the way you cook forever.

Save on cooking time and electricity bills too

Efficient and faster cooking.

Imagine being able to cook food twice as fast as in a conventional oven?

Well you can with a halogen oven, which is a great time saver as well as a great space saver!

Halogen ovens can cut cooking time because they do not require pre-heating, so there is no time or energy wasted in heating up an empty oven.

The design also helps to save time as their powerful halogen bulb produces a more intense and direct heat than conventional cookers that use either gas flames or electrically heated elements. In addition, the high performance fan works much in the same way as that found in a convection oven, circulating the heat for faster, more even cooking.

And saving cooking time means that you save energy and, in turn, save money.

A standard halogen oven cooker will use around 75 per cent less energy than a conventional oven and this, combined with the quicker cooking times, means a reduction in electricity usage and a reduction in bills.

Furthermore, a reduction in electricity usage means a reduction in carbon emissions so you’re helping to save the planet whilst making savings in your pocke

Where to buy

You can order online

If you’re still not convinced then consider that you can have all of this for as little as £30!

Halogen ovens used to be something of a niche market that were only available through TV shopping channels and this made many people treat them with a degree of scepticism.

However, as they have grown in popularity they have become much more readily available and can now be bought via a number of online retailers.
The price of a halogen oven can range from between £30 and £100 an the cost of the cooker is dependent upon a number of factors such as size, accessories and manufacturer.
Whilst some manufacturers will offer accessories such as tongs, skewers, lid holders and even recipe books as standard others will charge extra for these. Furthermore, bowl sizes generally range from anywhere between 7 litres and 12 litres and this will also be reflected in the price.

Here at we keep track of the prices charged by several online retailers to bring you the best prices so you can be sure to find out which halogen oven is best for you.