Black Halogen Oven

black halogen oven

  • 17 LTR Capacity with Height extender
  • + Frying pan
  • + Set of forks
  • + Steamer
  • + Low food grill
  • Rating: ★★★★☆ 


At £79.99 £34.99 the Black Halogen oven is another that’s towards the top of the price range and has all of the functions you’d expect from a halogen cooker, for example, variable temperature control, timer, 1200 Watts cooking power and a 12 litre capacity cooking bowl.

In addition, as with some of the other models, Black Halogen oven cookers come with a full range of accessories as standard. As part of the package you get an extender rung that increases the cooking capacity from 12 litres to 17 litres, a lid holder, low and high racks, forks a frying pan and a steamer.

Black halogen oven review

Black halogen ovens have received mixed reviews but, unlike with some other models, reliability doesn’t seem to be problem.

Sam from Coventry was more than happy with his Black halogen oven cooker and felt that, even at £79.99, it was good value for money.

Sam said:

“My Black halogen oven is extremely easy to use, cooks food wonderfully well and, unlike some other models I have read about, is extremely sturdy.” He added: “The variable temperature setting makes cooking really easy and the high level rack cooks pizzas to perfection!”

Belinda from Kilmarnock did not have such a great time when cooking with her Black halogen oven, but this appears to have had more to do with using a halogen oven rather than the actual brand.

Belinda said:

“Halogen ovens are sold as quick ways to cook delicious food but whne I tried to cook fish and chips my Black halogen cooker simply crisped up the outside and left the middle cold. The same thing happened with baked potatoes and I ended up microwaving them!”

She added:

“I was also under the impression that they are self-cleaning but this didn’t seem to be a feature on the model I bought. Very disappointing.”

Black halogen oven accessories

All listed accessories come as standard:

  • 1 x low food grill
  • 1 x high food grill
  • 1 x frying pan
  • 1 x steamer
  • 1 x oven height extender ring (adds an extra 5 litre capacity to 12 litre oven)
  • 1 x lid holder
  • 1 x set of forks


Easy to use controls.
A reliable model with a good build quality
Comes with a range of accessories

…& Cons

In the higher price range.
No self-cleaning function.
No recipe book included as standard.

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