Designer Habitat Halogen Oven

Designer Habitat is the latest name to bring halogen ovens to the market with this 12 litre, 1400w model that also comes with an extender ring that will take it up to a capacity of 17 litres.

As with many halogen ovens, Designer Habitat also throws in a number of extras as standard. In addition to the extender ring, the oven comes with a lid holder, steamer, frying pan, skewers, low rack, high rack and an oven glove.

In addition, the cooker comes with a recipe sheet and a 200 page recipe book get you started as well as a 12-month manufacturers guarantee, for peace of mind.

The Designer Habitat halogen oven has several settings to give you complete control over your cooking and comes at a great price, making it excellent value for a great product.

Designer Habitat halogen oven review

The Designer Habitat halogen oven appears to tick all the boxes, getting universally good reviews.

Brian from Porthmadog said of his Designer Habitat halogen oven:
I had been in the market for halogen oven for some time but kept putting off getting one, then bought the Designer Habitat one on impulse – the name sounded pretty high end – and I was so glad I did as it genuinely has revolutionised my time in the kitchen.

He added:
The oven had a great build quality – very sturdy – and was extremely simple to use, delivering great results. My only gripe would be with the lid stand – seemed a little flimsy – but other than that, it was money very well spent.

Louise from Cirencester was delighted with her Designer Habitat halogen cooker, and particularly liked the addition of an oven glove in the accessory pack.

Louise said:
After two years of great service, my Black’s halogen oven finally cooked its last roast, so I invested in this Designer Habitat model and picked up exactly where I left off. I would recommend a halogen to anyone and this model also comes with an oven glove as part of the accessory pack – a very handy addition.

So, good review all round for the Designer Habitat halogen oven, with the only gripes appearing to be about the flimsy lid holder and, as is often the case with halogen ovens, the instructions weren’t really up to scratch. But with a product that is this easy to use, this shouldn’t be too much of an inconvenience and so we’re going to give the Designer Habitat halogen oven 4/5.

Designer Habitat halogen oven accessories

All listed accessories come as standard:

  • 1 x lid holder
  • 1 x low food rack
  • 1 x high food rack
  • 1 x steamer tray
  • 1 x frying pan
  • 1 x oven height extender ring (makes a 12 litre oven a 17 litre capacity oven)
  • 1 x set of skewers
  • 1 x oven glove
  • Halogen oven all colour cook book

Designer Habitat halogen oven pros…

  • Easy to use, produces great results
  • Comes with a great set of accessories, everything you’ll need
  • Available at a great price


…& cons

  • Lid holder is a bit flimsy, could cause problems
  • Instructions not the best, though oven is simple to use