Flavorwave Platinum Halogen Oven

Flavor wave

  • 11 litres
  • + 3 x faster than a conventional oven
  • + Easy to clean
  • + endorsed by none other than Mr T
  • + Pre read the manual
  • Rating: ★★★¾☆ 

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One good reason to buy a Flavorwave halogen oven could be that it is endorsed by none other than Mr T, who is trying to for halogen ovens what George Foreman did for electric grill pans!

Another good reason could be that it improves on standard halogen oven technology to promise even faster cooking times, up to three times faster!

Whereas most of the other ovens just use a halogen lamp and a fan, the Flavorwave combines this with infrared waves, a lot like the Coopers halogen oven.

And whilst, it is a bit more expensive than the Coopers model, the Flavorwave comes with a full range of accessories and the Platinum model has a digital control panel with fan speed control.

Another feature that the Flavorwave manufacturers seem keen to push is the fact that not only can it bake, broil, roast, toast, sear, brown, barbecue, steam and reheat faster than ever before, it can also cook food quickly from frozen.

To prove this point the infomercial shows Mr T tucking into a juicy steak that has gone from frozen solid to succulent in just 16 minutes…I pity the fool that tries this with chicken!

Flavorwave halogen oven reviews

More mixed reviews in which some people seem to enjoy the cooking experience and others hate it. What is consistent though is that Flavorwave halogen ovens don’t seem to be built to last and you’ll be doing well if you get a year’s worth of cooking out of it!

Dennis from Wrexham said of his Flavorwave halogen oven:

“This halogen cooker really is the terrific. It is compact so can be stored away when not in use and cooks remarkably quickly which means it uses less energy than my conventional oven”

He added:

“It cooks all sorts of meat, such as steaks, chops, chicken and fish to perfection, roasts potatoes really well and is also great for cooking veg. And there’s no nasty lingering smells left in the kitchen when you’re done.”

Dennis then went on to say how one downside was that the oven didn’t seem built to last and he’d had to buy two in as many years.

This a problem that was also encountered by Sandra from Portsmouth who said:

“I’d had my Flavorwave just over a year when the bulb blew and when I rang the helpline I was told to throw it away as it was out of warranty and they do not provide replacement bulbs.”

But Sandra wasn’t too happy with the performance of the oven even before it broke down either:

“The halogen oven promised faster cooking times but it took over an hour to cook potatoes and chicken breasts and even then they weren’t cooked well! It was a very nice looking halogen cooker but it simply did not work well…and the lid never closed properly!”

So, as with some of the other ovens, longevity seems to be a problem but reports of cooking times and quality vary from person to person. And as the oven is at the pricier end of the market, retailing at £74.95,

Flavorwave halogen oven accessories

All listed accessories come as standard with the Platinum halogen oven:

  • 1 x Dual rack
  • 1 x Low rack
  • 1 x Tongs
  • 1 x Lid holder
  • 1 x Manual
  • 1 x Cookbook

Flavorwave Pros…

Combines Infra-red technology with halogen lamp and convection fan for even faster cooking.

Has a digital display for greater control over heat and fan speed.

Comes with a good range of accessories as standard.


In the higher price range.

Questionable build quality.

Questionable cooking performance.

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by Shirley Smith on
Flavorwave Turbo Platinum Halogen Oven

I bought this oven 6 years ago and have no complaints whatever, in fact I love it. I paid almost £130 including accessories and postage. Maybe one gets what one pays for. I don't understand why the oven has a reputation for being unreliable, mine is in almost daily use and has never let me down. In fact if it does breakdown I shall have to buy another as I can't imagine life without it.