Gold-Tec Halogen Oven

Gold-Tec Halogen Oven

  • 17 LTR Capacity
  • + Dual Racks
  • + Steamer Tray
  • + Recipe Book
  • + £50 of Extras
  • Rating: ★★★★¼ 


The Gold Tec halogen oven is the cheapest of the halogen ovens that we feature as it retails at just £29.99.

It has everything you would expect from a halogen oven, such as a 12 litre capacity bowl, a 60 per cent faster cooking time than a conventional oven, the capability to roast, bake, fry, steam or toast and a self-cleaning feature.

The best thing about the Gold Tec halogen cooker is that, even though it is the lowest priced oven around, it comes with £50 worth of extras included. So, in the case of the Gold Tec, £29.99 will get you a 1400 Watt halogen oven, extender ring, dual height racks, foil tray, tongs, lid holder, frying pan, steamer and recipe book.

Gold Tec halogen oven review

It appears that, although the Gold Tec halogen cooker is low on price it is not low on quality as there were no very few complaints of bulbs bursting or no mention of ovens breaking down in the first year.

Derek from Falmouth said of his Gold Tec halogen oven:

“Due to their compact size I bought a halogen oven to go in my static home and have cooked everything in it, from pizzas to roast dinners. I was so impressed I might buy another one to put in my kitchen at home!”

He also said:

“Although the instruction book wasn’t great, this doesn’t matter as cooking involves common sense and one eye on what you’re cooking – something that is straightforward due to the clear glass bowl design.”

Dee from Leicester concurred on the poor instructions:

“Overall, I was very pleased with my Gold Tec halogen oven and was glad that it was easy to use as the instruction manual was about as much use as a chocolate grill pan!”

She added:

“There were almost no illustrations in the instruction booklet which made the explanations of the accessories very difficult to understand. And the black and white pictures in the recipe book looked nothing like the food that was being described!”

So it appears that, a couple of faulty bulbs aside, the instruction booklet is Gold Tec’s only major design fault.
And, given that this cooker is the cheapest on the market and it comes with a range of accessories as standard, we’re going to give the Gold Tec halogen oven 4.5/5

Gold Tec halogen oven accessories

All listed accessories come as standard:

  • 1 x oven height extender ring (adds an extra 5 litre capacity to 12 litre oven)
  • 1 x set of tongs
  • 1 x low food grill
  • 1 x high food grill
  • 1 x foil tray
  • 1 x steamer tray
  • 1 x lid holder
  • Recipe book

Gold Tec halogen oven Pros…

Lowest priced oven
Full range of accessories
Easy to use and cooks food well

Gold Tec halogen oven Cons….

Poorly designed instruction manual.
Some reports of bulbs popping.

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