JML Halogen Oven

JML halogen oven

  • 10.5 litres
  • + 40% faster than a conventional oven
  • + Easy to clean
  • + Recipe Book
  • Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

JML halogen oven

The key to JML’s Original Halogen oven’s popularity is probably in it’s name…many people will own or will go out and buy a JML because it was the first of it’s kind on the market.

Back in the days when halogen ovens were the preserve of TV shopping channels JML’s Original Halogen Oven was at the forefront of this technology.
The JML is a mid priced oven but it comes with minimal accessories as you only get one shelf and a free cookbook in the standard package.

JML halogen review

JML halogen ovens seem to have a lot of mixed reviews with some people claiming that they have revolutionised meal times whilst others complain that they break down far too easily.

For example, Sarah from Gillingham states that her JML Halogen cooker was a:

“Marvellous purchase”


“I wasn’t convinced that it would work as well as it says in the adverts but I was very pleasantly surprised.”

Sarah went on to say that:

“It cooks pizzas, corn on the cob, jacket potatoes and meat to perfection. I often wonder how I ever managed without it.”

However, Geoff from Bolton had contrasting views on his oven:

“I bought a halogen oven on the back of some JML halogen oven reviews that said they were easy to use and saved on electricity. However, after just six months I noticed sparks coming from the oven as some components has started to corrode.”

He added:

“Although it never caught fire it is unacceptable that this should happen with an electrical appliance. I shall not risk buying another one!”

Most people seem to agree that they have no problem using the JML halogen cooker and it does cook food well and cook it quickly.

However, most negative reviews seem to focus on parts failing in the first year and, although most people seem reasonably happy with JML’s customer service, this is clearly not what you want from a product.

Furthermore, there are very few additional accessories that come with the basic package and the cook book is very limited.

For those reasons we can only give the JML Original Halogen Oven 3/5

JML halogen oven accessories

Additional items include:

  • One shelf and cookbook in standard package.
  • Halogen oven extension ring
  • Halo frying pan and skewers
  • Halogen oven lid holder

JML Halogen Oven Pros…

The most established halogen cooker on the market.

Mid-price range.

Easy to use and cooks food well.

JML Halogen Oven Cons…

Prone to break down within the first year according to many customer reviews.
Not many accessories included as standard and cook book very limited.

JML halogen oven

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