Prolectrix Infra Chef

Prolectrix Infra halogen oven

  • 12 litres
  • Reduces fat by 60%
  • + 1 x High cooking rack
  • + Low cooking rack
  • + Halogen oven recipe book
  • 3 X faster than a conventional oven
  • Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

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Why buy a Prolectrix halogen oven?

The Prolectrix halogen oven was described by The Mail as the

“tastiest chicken”

producing halogen cooker on the market so if you’re looking to do roasts then this could be the one for you.

As with other halogen ovens you can also bake, fry, boil and steam and the oven cooks up to three times faster than a conventional oven. It also comes with a full range of accessories to get you started and a recipe book in case you fancy cooking something other than chicken!

Prolectrix halogen oven review

The Prolectrix halogen oven is in the mid-price range, but is it good value for money?

Cheryl from Gateshead seemed to think so:

“I have never come across an oven that cooks meat so well and I’ve cooked everything from full birds to burgers. A good sized duck or chicken will cook in around 40 minutes and if you use the rack provided the fat drips away for a healthier meal. It also cooks vegetables to perfection and all in about a third of the time of a normal oven and you don‘t have to wait for it to heat up!”

However, Shona from Carluke was not so impressed with it’s cooking capabilities:

“I had read that these ovens provided a great, healthy and hassle-free way of cooking chicken but was sorely disappointed. When I cooked a chicken dinner I found that the part of the chicken that was nearest the heat was cooked to a crisp whilst the bottom of the bird looked a very unappetising off-white colour.”

She added:

“On the plus side, it does seem to cook burgers and sausages reasonably well although they are a little dry. At nearly £70 I thought a more expensive halogen cooker would be a worthwhile investment but I was not impressed with the cooking capabilities and will not be using it again!”

The Prolectrix halogen oven is a good mid-priced cooker but doesn’t really have anything to set it apart so we five it 3/5.

Prolectrix halogen oven accessories

All listed accessories come as standard:

  • 1 x lid holder
  • 1 x high cooking rack
  • 1 x low cooking rack
  • 1 x set of tongs
  • 1 x halogen oven recipe book

Prolectrix halogen oven Pros…

A reliable model at a good price.
Comes with some accessories

Prolectrix halogen oven cons…

Some complaints that it cooks unevenly.

No recipe book included as standard.

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by alan on

I have had my PROlectrix halogen oven and it works perfectly. My problem now is the temperature and timer markings have become illegible due to the ink used being wiped off.Is it possible to obtain transfers or decals to replace the markings