Cooking a Whole Roast Chicken In A Halogen Oven

On pretty much every advert for a halogen oven you will see a golden roast chicken, cooked to perfection – and that’s because halogen ovens are probably the best way to cook this versatile bird. Simply follow these instructions to get a perfectly cooked roast chicken to be served however you best like it.

In addition to a Halogen oven, you will need…
Any additional items needed to cook food you will be serving chicken with

Whatever ingredients you will need to serve with the chicken.

For full chicken, simply remove the giblets and season with salt, pepper or seasoning of your choice. Salt is particularly good to help the skin crisp up.

If you want to only cook a half chicken, remove the giblets then take out the backbone and split chicken into two. Season as required.


Set halogen oven to 180 -200°C and place chicken on bottom oven shelf and cook for 90 minutes or until golden brown. For half chicken, simply cook for 45 minutes.

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