VonShef Premium Digital Halogen Oven

white VonShef Premium Digital Halogen Oven

  • 17 LTR Capacity with Height extender
  • + steamer tray
  • + baking tray
  • + FREE 12 month manufacturers’ guarantee
  • + FREE colourful 200 page recipe book
  • Rating: ★★★★★ 

VonShef Premium Digital Halogen Oven

The VonShef Halogen Oven is a Premium Digital 12-litre oven that is fully programmable and can be used to roast, bake, broil, steam and fry food and can also reheat and defrost.

As with all halogen ovens, this cooks food around 40% faster than conventional cookers and is easily portable so can be stored away after it’s been used. This oven also has self-cleaning glass so washing up won’t be a problem.

It’s towards the top of the price range for halogen ovens, and you may not recognise the VonShef name, but don’t let this put you off – this is one of the top ovens on the market and it comes with a bucket-full of accessories, including a lid stand.

What did VonShef users have to say about it?

VonShef Halogen Oven Review

Reviews of the VonShef Halogen Oven were all positive and everyone who used the oven couldn’t speak highly enough of it.

Lillian Clarke of Avon said:

“An amazing value for money purchase, so easy to use, so versatile and so healthy.”

She added:

“I cooked a fantastic Sunday roast, the beef was perfect, the roasties crisp and there was no need to add any oil and no roast dinner smell. And the self cleaning feature was simply brilliant”

Kelly of West Midlands also had an issue with the hinge, saying:

“The oven was great to use at first, but with frequent cooking the lid support weakened and now the lid doesn’t sit flush on the bowl and can be difficult to operate.”

Jane Weaver of Berkshire was equally as pleased:

“Very happy with my purchase, the bowl is a good size and the amount of accessories that come as standard make this great value for money”

Paul Holman of Greater Manchester, said:

This oven is a cracking money and time saver compared to my conventional oven – it’s heats up in seconds and cooks everything to perfection.

Everyone who bought this oven seemed happy with the quality of the cooking and of the oven itself and there were no reports of blowing bulbs – a common fault with some halogen ovens.

It also comes with bags of accessories as standard and has a removable power flex to provide safer and easier removal of the lid, so we’ll give this oven top marks, 5/5.

VonShef Halogen Oven Accessories

Additional items include:

  • High cooking rack
  • Low cooking rack
  • Lid holder
  • Tongs
  • Extension ring
  • Baking tray
  • Steam tray
  • Oven glove
  • 4x skewer forks

VonShef Halogen Oven Pros…

  • Easy to use and cooks food well
  • Lots of accessories
  • Removable power flex and lid holder
  • Great build and quality components

VonShef Halogen Oven Cons…

  • weak supporting lid
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